Step into Logevy world

Logevy Firenze 1965 is an elegant balance of craftsmanship, innovation and extreme attention to detail, making use of the best and most precious raw materials. It rekindles ancient memories to whomever tries it.

Pure Tuscan Essence

In Tuscany, art and nature have always mixed and influenced each other, giving life to masterpieces of beauty and pleasure. It is in these stimuli that Logevy has its roots, choosing the best raw materials to give birth to fragrances capable of thrilling the senses.

Logevy Firenze 1965 renovates the heritage of Renaissance perfumery art, when Florence became the capital of perfume thanks to Caterina dei Medici. Taking the baton from those artisan shops where the magic of unique scents was born, today Logevy transforms the essence of Florence and Tuscany into original fragrances created with the finest raw materials and capable of awakening emotions.

The unique notes of Logevy fragrances are born in an ideal olfactory path that originates from tradition and finds nourishment in the pursuit of quality thanks to the determination of those who love to create beauty every day, like the master perfumer and Logevy founder Stefano Cintelli. He brought his extensive professionalism and his particular sensitivity to the cosmetics field giving life to elegant and original creations that manage to delicately touch the hearts and minds of people.

Logevy’s 100% Made in Italy perfumes are ideal to create relaxing and suggestive atmospheres in any home and work environments.

"My curiosity as a child turned into a dream that I realized by creating Logevy: to give life to scents that bring a feeling of joy, shared memories and new adventures to everyone's homes"

Stefano Cintelli, Mastro Profumiere