Logevy Fragrances:
Tuscany at home

Our products are carefully created with high quality ingredients and treated with the utmost care to enhance their essence. Inspired by the nature and history that surround us, they are the result of meticulous research and continuous improvement whose origins date back to centuries ago.

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Most loved

Love for home can be seen in the details: browse our most popular fragrances for linen and let yourself be conquered by their delicate daily presence

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  • Velluto
  • Seta
  • Lino

Award winning

Logevy Firenze 1965 won the NY Now best home design in 2021 product award out of hundreds of amazing products.

Made in Tuscany

Our signature fragrances are created in Tuscany, Italy, infusing them with its history and culture.

The master

Master perfumer Stefano Cintelli has been a professional for over 30 years in the cosmetic field. He brought his ideas and culture to life in an olfactory journey and created Logevy.